Hempiness Organic Hemp and Cotton Classic Womens T-Shirt

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We love these Hempiness Women’s T-Shirts; they’re made from a lightweight fabric - 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton - designed as a standard fit, and available in a range of vibrant colours without a logo, making them simple yet timeless.


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Hemp is a naturally thermo-dynamic material, which means that it helps keep you warm when it’s cold, and will help cool you down when it’s warm. It’s also effective in wicking away moisture from the skin to ensure that you stay fresh from morning to evening, and blocks 95% of UV rays - perfect for those with hypo-allergenic or sensitive skin.

They’re environmentally conscious too! Each one is made using Global Organic Textile Standard approved fabrics, and are minimally bleached and dyed with eco-reactive dye, so the earth will love them just as much as you will. What’s more, t-shirts made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton could save up to 2,800 litres of water!

All t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk to 40° and will keep their shape and colour to become a life-long staple of your sustainable, fast-fashion-free wardrobe.


• ANTIBACTERIAL - Hemp fabric is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial! Keeps you fresh all day long.

• THERMODYNAMIC - Regulates your body temperature. Keeping you cool when it's hot and warm when it's not!

• BREATHABLE - Allows air to flow easily, speeding up sweat evaporation and reducing the risk of sweat marks.

• INSULATING - Hemp's hollow fibres make it an incredibly good insulator, meaning these t's make a great base-layer.

• MOISTURE-WICKING - Hemp wicks away sweat and dampness from the surface of the skin, keeping you dry and confident.

• LONG-LASTING - Hemp is around 3x more durable than cotton, meaning this garment benefits from a longer useful lifespan.

• BIODEGRADABLE - When this garment is disposed of, it will break down naturally into the environment leaving no nasty pollutants.

• OXYGEN BLEACHED - A more eco-friendly option than traditional bleaching techniques.

• ECO-DYED - Fibre reactive dyes are used to produce long-lasting vibrant colours, balanced with eco-friendliness.

• 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC - The hemp used in these t-shirts is grown without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilisers.

No compromise on style or build quality, these essential womens hemp short sleeve t-shirts will keep their shape and colour and will become a life-long favourite!

Hemp fabric is naturally thermo-dynamic, meaning it keeps you warm when you're cold and cool when you're warm - it wicks away moisture from the skin quickly and its anti-bacterial qualities keeps you fresh all day. Perfect for hypo-allogenic and sensitive skin as it also blocks up to 95% of UV Rays.

A standard fit, made using GOTS approved organic fabric with no logo, these Ts are Oxygen bleached and all dyed using eco-sensitive reactive eco dye to minimise your impact on the environment.  Did you know that T-shirts made from 55% Hemp and 45% cotton could save up to 2,800 litres of water? 100% pre-shrunk to 40°.

Colours: Buddhist Orange, Deep Purple,Gun-Metal Grey, Natural, Navy Blue, Sunflower Yellow, Crimson Red, Olive Green, Burlesque Red, Obsidian Black, Chocolate Brown - for a close approximation of these colours, please follow this link

100% Recyclable.

Packaged in a garment bag made from recyclable polypropylene/polyethylene (unfortunately, this is not typically accepted through kerbside recycling but can often be taken to a local collection point. The good news is that many supermarkets and shops now offer this service. Find your closest recycling point here).

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