Hemp Terry Towelling - Organic 55%H:45%C - 360g

This is the fabric for you if you’re looking for a light-weight fabric that works great for use on comfy clothing projects. Ideal for nappies, dressing gowns, flannels, towels, cushion covers, loungewear and more!


100% MONEY


We especially love to use this material for environmentally conscious babies’ items because of its moisture-absorbing qualities, but the limits to its possible uses are only limited to your imagination!

As you can probably tell, we’re mad about hemp, and this Terry Towelling fabric is 55% organic hemp. Hemp demands less water than alternative natural materials, and requires absolutely no pesticide, herbicide or chemical fertiliser in its production and is 100% biodegradable. It’s also a natural carbon sink, meaning that it is brilliant at capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and trapping it, and is able to grow in soil where other crops can’t, whilst leaving the earth better and more fertile than the day it was planted!

Yarn Spec: 21s double ply (warp x weft)
Density: (end/pick per sq inch)
Weight: 360g/m2 / 9.7oz/yd2
Width: 168cm / 66inch
Fabric: Organic 55% Hemp/45% cotton
Colour: Natural - semibleach: eco oxygen - PFD