Pure Hemp Linen - 100% Organic Hemp - 4.6oz

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If you’re looking for something that is really light and soft that would make an amazing material for any projects from clothing to home upholstery, this is the fabric for you. Noticeably lighter and softer than our other linen products, this fabric is grown and produced in Europe and has the absolute minimum of treatment, leaving a more natural colour.


100% MONEY


We think this Pure Hemp Linen fabric is especially good for creating lightweight organic clothing such as skirts, trousers and shirts, although the only limit to this fabric’s uses, of course, is your own imagination!

As you can probably tell, we’re mad about hemp, and this brilliant Pure Hemp Linen is 100% organic hemp. We think you'll be impressed by the soft feel and lovely drape of this fabric, and it's certainly one of our favourite 100% hemp textiles in the range. Hemp fabrics get more advanced every year, and this particular fabric shows that advancement off beautifully. When it comes to eco-friendliness, hemp is the number one choice, and 100% hemp fabrics are perhaps THE most eco-friendly choice that you can make when selecting textiles for your project. Hemp demands less water than alternative natural fibres (cotton, we're looking at you), and requires absolutely no pesticide, herbicide or chemical fertiliser in its production and is 100% biodegradable. It’s also a natural carbon sink, meaning that it is brilliant at capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and trapping it, and is able to grow in soil where other crops can’t, whilst leaving the earth better and more fertile than the day it was planted!

Yarn Spec: 26N x 26/1N(warp x weft) Density: 220 x 187 Weight: 4.6oz/yd2 / 156g/m Width: 60 inches /152 cm Fabric: 100% Organic Hemp Colour: ECRU