Hempiness Hemp Braid Cord

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We absolutely love using this Pure Organic Hemp Braided Cord (similar to regular Sash cord) for its durability and its multitude of possible uses.

We like to use our Braided cord for Macramé, making natural jewellery, for use on interiors & upholstery and just as the strongest sash cord money can buy!


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Hemp has been used for thousands of years, and this traditional style of woven cord resembles those from ancient times. Hemp was so widely used as a material because of the incredible strength of the fibres, and the versatility of the plant itself. Hemp fibres are extremely long, and are considered the strongest natural fibre around, the combination of length and strength means that when woven together into a rope or cord they really are incredibly strong and durable.

It’s the environmentally-conscious choice! Our Braided Cord is made in the EU, using organic methods in the growing, cultivation and production process. As a material, hemp demands less water than alternative natural materials, and requires absolutely no pesticide, herbicide or chemical fertiliser in its production, unlike cotton which accounts for ¼ of global agricultural chemicals and is 100% biodegradable. As if that wasn’t enough, hemp is a natural carbon sink, meaning that it is brilliant at capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and trapping it, and is able to grow in soil where other crops can’t, whilst leaving the earth better and more fertile than the day it was planted!

The fibre is boil washed several times in order to achieve the soft creamy colour and make sure to never use bleach on this all-natural product.

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Breaking Strains for Pure Hemp Braids:

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