Hempiness Organic Hemp Twine

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We love to use our Lightweight Hemp Twine for Macramé and for making beautiful, natural, home-made jewellery. Use this eco-waxed Twine to craft your own elegant designs; it’s a light cream colour and has been left entirely unbleached, leaving it to feel and look as natural as possible. This is our thinnest twine, at 0.8mm thick.


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This hemp twine is kind to the planet! As a material, hemp demands less water than alternative natural materials, and requires absolutely no pesticide, herbicide or chemical fertiliser in its production and is 100% biodegradable. As if that wasn’t enough, hemp is a natural carbon sink, meaning that it is brilliant at capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and trapping it, and is able to grow in soil where other crops can’t, whilst leaving the earth better and more fertile than the day it was planted!

Hemp twine and string have been used for thousands of years due to the extremely strong and durable nature of hemp fibres. Twisted together, the fibres make a strong and useful string that is great for all kinds of projects. From gardening twine, to home crafts, packaging ties and more! Keep a ball of this organic twine in your house and hemp will always be there for you when you need it.


Yarn: nm 5/2
Weight per ball: 105g
Breaking Strain: 13lb
100 metres per ball


Yarn: nm 2,5/2
Weight per ball: 115g
Breaking Strain: 44lb
100 metres per ball


Yarn: nm2,5/4
Weight per ball: 165g
Breaking Strain: 48lb
120 metres per ball


Yarn: nm 0,9/3
Weight per ball: 185g
Breaking Strain: 100lb
60 metres per ball